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Spike Lee commercial for a crypto ATM company CoinCloud that doesn’t mention crypto.

Today was an interesting day. We took the girls and their friend J. over to the community center today for a few hours. There was story time with and old friend of ours, Mrs. S, who used to babysit the girls when I was running for office, and another woman doing alterations. I got two pairs of shorts mended. I feel pretty good about the latter as one pair had holes in both front pockets, and the other had the front button missing for over a year. I had been keeping them closed with a safety pin, but hadn’t worn them for months. Feels like my wardrobe just doubled.

I have another bit of self-satisfaction from repairing the dryer a few weeks ago. It had started damaging clothes and Missus was ready to buy a new one. We were about to pull the trigger on a seven hundred dollar dryer around the fourth but I decided to do a bit of research to see how I could fix it. Turned out it was a twelve dollar part. I wound up paying about sixty because I wanted to make sure I covered all my bases, but it’s been a week and we’ve run half a dozen loads through it and no damaged clothes. I feel pretty good about it.

Today was a rest day for me. I figured I would need a bit of recuperation after today’s long jog, so I didn’t work out. Plus I think I might be experiencing a bit of a bug. Missus had it, the girls and I have had some sore throats, and my neighbor across the street spent five days under the weather. I actually took a nap this afternoon in front of the TV while Younger was watching a show. That’s really unusual for me. I didn’t get much deep work done.

A Twitter acquaintance messaged me an hour ago. Looks like Index Coop has decided to tokenize something similar to my reFIREment fund. They’re calling it the Pulse Aggregate Yield fund, or $PAY. It seems like a great idea, one that I should have figured out how to do a lot sooner. Que sera.

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