Well it looks like Bitcoin and Ethereum have finally had the breakout that we’ve been waiting for, busting out a few minutes before the weekly close to give us a bullish start to the week. It’s refreshing.

I actually got up early to meet my friend T. here at the house for an early morning run. he followed me for most of my 2.7m course around the neighborhood. He wasn’t quite up to practice so didn’t go all the way that I did, but I think he needed the company. He’s been in a rough place lately. I gave him my copy of Choose Fi and some vegetables out of the garden. He left before anyone else in the house woke.

The girls went to church, but Missus was so worn out that she slept till they got back around one. I spent most of the morning catching up with my crypto positions, compounding my Perpetuals and managing some staking positions that had been neglected for the last few weeks.

The kids seemed especially troublesome when they got back, I think we figured out it was because they had skipped lunch after getting back. It was really stressful. We took them to the library but Younger was extremely problematic. Missus took turns taking the girls out to run errands while I puttered about the house and did some light housework. After she got back we worked on the deck, taping up some plastic and washing it down in preparation to stain it first thing tomorrow morning. Then I spent an hour cleaning out the garage for the first time since November. It really needed some cleaning out.

We just finished watching some shows, and now it’s time to put the kids to bed. Then me. I’m going to do some light reading, them I’m out. Tomorrow Missus is going into the office, so I’ve got to be on my game. And I need these kids to be rested, I don’t think I can handle another day like today.

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