Well it’s 2022 so I feel like I should review last year and come up with some goals for next year. Obviously 2021 went out with a bang, as I started working for Star Atlas. I’ve got a lot of work to do on Monday, that’s for sure, but for right now I want to enjoy the weekend and not worry about anything.

I’m reading the Twelve Week Year, it was a recommendation from a Business of Family podcast, I believe, and Missus got it for me for Christmas. I don’t know what our goals for the next quarter is going to be, I suppose getting some home repair projects done. I also plan on saving up a lot of money. Getting taxes done properly will be important as well, but I think that’s probably going to be a 22Q2 goal. I think with our current situation we should be able to have the crawlspace fixed up, as well as the garage door and front porch.

I need to take it easy today. I was up till three or four this morning playing Tarkov, and didn’t get up until after eleven. It’s been a chill day. I was going to play Tarkov with my brother, but apparently they implemented some sort of two-hour queue because people are home for the holiday. Eh, I’ll try again tomorrow.

I need to set some fitness goals. Distance running is easy enough. They’re doing a ten-miler nearby in a month. I may be able to handle that. I did four the other day, I can start working up to it. It might be too much to do in four weeks though. I need a workout regimen also, something I can do to keep my core and upper body strength up.