Evening notes

Another rough day. I swear, one day I’ll look back at these memoirs and fret over the fact that I spent so many days hungover. I felt like I deserved a drink after pulling that six mile run, but we only had three beers at the house. I split one with Missus, then we finished off a few fingers of scotch after we put the kids to bed and watched Witcher. That wasn’t enough for me so I started drinking Kraken. I stayed up after Missus went to bed, dicking off or whatever I was doing and woke up late.

Younger gave me some lip while we were getting ready. I got her to school a bit late but I didn’t even bother to sign her in at school, she pouted out of the car and wound up walking in the building with another parent. I’m so horrible.

Missus and I had a decent day, joking around while we were getting things done around the house. She made a nice dinner. I told her I was really enjoying the Suzie Homemaker stuff she had been doing lately — tomorrow’s her last day of vacation. She told me she took a look at her work email briefly and it was as if things were falling apart without her. COVID is running rampant at the medical center, so she’s probably going to be on work from home instead of going back into the office as was planned.

Work was good. Made some progress on a few things and will schedule a meeting regarding POLIS dao. We’ll see if we can pull this off on schedule.

Going to bed right after this, will read and hopefully turn in at a decent hour.