Sunday funday

So I finally broke down and bought a new monitor today. I grabbed an open box deal from Best Buy and got a LG 32″ IPS monitor. It was a hundred dollars off, I got it for four bills. It’s huge, and the games look great on it. The only issue is that I need a VESA mount kit so that I can attach it to the monitor stand for my gaming rig. The old ACER 19″ that I have there attach directly to the mounts, but they have the connectors on the bottom of the bezel, the ones on this LG are on the back, so I need about three inches of space for the cables. I’ve got it sitting on the tray stand right now. Lovely.

I stayed up super late playing Killing Floor 2 with Star Atlas team, finally woke up this morning around 11:30. Woke up and played a round of Tarkov with my brother, then went and grabbed the monitor. Spent all afternoon and this evening checking things out. We played Tarkov for several hours, now the kids are down for bed. It’s almost ten.

I might ping Ed for some FarCry, IDK, maybe I should take it easy tonight. Tomorrow is MLK day, so we’re all off tomorrow. I can’t spend all day playing video games, there’s some things I need to do, including getting some plants started for the grow operation.