Quick update

Just time for a quick update tonight as it is already past my bedtime and I need to get in bed.

Had a pretty good day today, despite the kids being home for a snow day. I got the first SAIAdao update out of the new year, NAV is up 50% and we’re earning $900/day in ATLAS tokens. So that’s good, but we’ve got a lot of planning to do to move us in the right direction.

Chris is doing great. We just had a call to catch up and he is completely absorbed with Star Atlas. It’s awesome. He just gave me an idea that might help to simplify the design for a potential SCORE resupply service that we can run. Basically, people deposit their Atlas with us and we turn a crank and keep the fleets running. I’ve got more brainstorming to do on that.

Kids are back to school tomorrow, and our neighbors should be done with their quarantine, so double win. Missus did a lot of work today, we took down our Christmas tree and she really straightened up the house, bought groceries, that sort of thing. Kids were mostly good, I managed to get some work done, although they did interrupt me during my two hour meeting with the core SA team today. There’s a lot going on with that, but nothing I can write about.

I’m going to head to bed and read Iron Council. Tomorrow should be another run day. I’m going for six miles.