Second snow

Thank gawd I got some sleep last night.

We got three inches of snow overnight. The girls played outside for a bit. I had to order Elder new gear because she didn’t have any decent boots or bibs. Younger wants to go ice skating, so I’m organizing a group trip with the T.’s to go to the local iceplex tomorrow. Tonight we’re going to have a brownie and board game party with them.

First we’ve got to do some cleaning up downstairs, and I want to do a bit of coding this afternoon on the auto-Fleet replenishment system. I’ve been ignoring it lately but my brain is rekt from trying to figure out this Machinations/ECS system that I need to take a break from it.

I started another set of plants. The first two that I planted I almost killed. Twenty-four hours off light apparently isn’t good for sprouts. I thought both were dead, but I see signs of growth. One of them is shooting up, no leaves yet, and the other appears to be turned upside down in the plug. I thought I saw signs of a vibrant green leaf under the stem which is curled up, not yet able to pop out of the plug. I might help it along. Still, I went ahead and started four more seeds in a bowl and moved them to a paper towel yesterday. We should be good, one way or the other.