Quick note

Today was the first of to days of scheduled meeting with the SA tech team, and it was fantastic. My favorite was the one about culture. Building a company culture. I’m struck.

The snow is coming down. The ground is mostly wet, but the temperature will remain freezing through the next day and a half. I’ve made three trips to the grocery store in as many days.

I got my new headphones in today. They’re nice. I tried to buy a GPU today after getting an alpha leak on Best Buy product availability. I swear I would have one right now if I had been logged into my account previously, but whatever.

I just had the most wonderful special time with Younger. She was getting ready for bed and was swinging around her bed, singing a song and dancing. She was freestyling. It was so amazing that I had her do it again for Missus, then I spent half an hour with her playing basic chord progressions on the piano. It was so cute.