Figured it all out

I don’t feel like I’ve been doing much right lately. I don’t have the anxiety that I did earlier this week following my liquidations, but I had been feeling a bit aimless. I did finally find a bit of focus time earlier this evening that forced me to think through some things that had been escaping my ability to speak them properly.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with a friend who I hadn’t seen in quite a while. We slurped some oysters and talked about all kinds of things. In a way my friend, A., is a bit of a mentor, someone younger than me that has had more focus and success in life, someone I can look up to, a higher companion, so to speak. We had a lot to discuss.

I had borrowed my MIL’s car as she had a hospital appointment and Missus had our car. I wound up dropping it off around five yesterday, and decided to run back from her house. I wasn’t really up to it, but I did it anyways. I was wearing shorts, and although the temperature had hit the forties yesterday, it was much colder and windy when I decided to go running. I didn’t finish particularly strong, but it was my first run in a week.

I stayed up too late finishing season one of Ozark, and was dragging butt again this morning. I actually went back to bed after Missus left for work to get her booster shot. I spent the day moving files off of my old work laptop and had a couple meetings, then got a fire under my butt that had me converting Machinations framework into a Rust ECS called bevy. I just finished a pretty good pass through the basic components. I actually think I might be able to pull this unified framework off.

Missus went down a few hours after her shot. Her arm hurts, and she’s been in bed except for dinner. Younger and I played a massive game of Uno with our house rules. Elder saw a daddy long legs, more appropriately named a harvestman on her ceiling and didn’t want to go to sleep in her room. She was also complaining about her back. This is what happens when school lets out for two teacher work days and I don’t make the kids stick to schedule.

We’re expecting more snow this weekend, so my mom has cancelled her trip, her very late Christmas trip. So we’ll push that back to next week. I wanted to go to my FIL but his cat died so that’s probably not tactful.