Daily todo

I’ve been up two hours and already the list of things that I need to do is getting overwhelming. Here’s just a partial list:

  • Meditate (done)
  • Journal
  • Manage Star Atlas fleets
  • Perform manual DCA trigger
  • Order groceries for week
  • Contact CPA and keep taxes moving forward
  • Contact painters
  • Perp positions are underwater. Time to close them?
  • Clean house
  • Work stuff
  • Exercise
  • Go to bed on time

It’s no wonder I’m discombobulated most of the time. This small list kind of glosses over the two work projects that I’m managing, not to mention the work going on with SAIAdao. And I’ve got nothing about my family on there, nor the other shopping and leisure activities that I want to engage in.

The Waking Up app has added about one hundred hours of Alan Watts talks to it, I started listening to the first one yesterday and finished up this morning. Wow, the man was a good philosopher.