Evening pages

Today was a much better day that yesterday, mostly due to the fact that I went to bed at a decent hour. Younger came into the bed last night, putting herself in between me and Missus as she does. I rolled her across me, over to the outside edge of the bed, to separate her from Missus and let her get a better sleep. I suffered instead.

Laying next to Younger at night is like a fight. She tries to throw her leg over top of you and dig into you as much as possible, some sort of child’s reassurance that you’re still there. For me, it resolves to moving her arms or legs off of me, pushing her away, and putting elbows or knees up to keep her from doing the same.

The kids woke up first, went downstairs and watched TV. I managed to wake up in time to remind them to get ready for church, and had them out the door on time… as the bus pulled up basically.

I got a lot done while they were gone. Missus cleaned up from last night’s party while I did laundry, balanced the house accounts and dealt with my regular Sunday Perp compounding. I’m basically at the break-even point. I’ve actually made quite a good return with the funding rate over the last few months, but I’m considerably down from my six-figure PNL that I had some three months ago. I’m tempted to close out the positions and move them to Katana on Solana, which is currently offering 30-40 percent returns using covered calls or whatever. I don’t know what to do, so of course, I did nothing other than compound the positions. I only used 1x leverage this time, instead of 10x like I did last week.

I’m going to save discussion of taxes for another day, but I found out my CPA wants five K to do my return. Missus said okay, but I’m hoping for a second opinion. The last thing I want to do is have to do them myself.

I went for a run today, I didn’t go for a personal best, but just went for a easy route that would get me out of the house. I wound up doing a relatively 2.6 miles in under 25 minutes, and that included a brief stop to talk to a handyman that I encountered along the way.

I did some coding today, mostly going over Anchor and Solana stuff, and yes, I managed to play some Tarkov. I’ve still had ill luck trying to get a game together with my brother. Seems the servers he’s got good connections too and the ones I do are not close enough, so I kept getting disconnected from the match when he was the leader.

It’s ten, so I’m going to lay down, read some books, and hit the morning running. Missus is work from the office tomorrow, so I should have no excuses for my productivity tomorrow.