Shopping day

So today was fun. Last night was fun also, staying up late to play Killing Floor 2 with several dudes from work. My dad came over today and we went out to a place where they selling farming equipment for people who want to grow their own medicine.

I spent fifteen hundred, got a whole indoor growing setup, everything we need to grow four plants at my dads house. The girl — woman — that helped me out even had several varieties of seeds that she gave me. So the plan is for me to start the seeds at home, then transplant them to my dad’s house after they outgrow the starter tray.

At least that was the plan. Missus is a bit upset about it because it’s not what we had talked about, which didn’t include me having any plants at the house. I’ll figure it out, I’m taking her out on a date in thirty minutes.

I took my dad out too while we were across town. To a brewery/restaurant spot. I needed a bit of hair of the dog. They had a really good smoked chicken drumstick app with some “sweaty”, spicy sauce. My dad and I both went for the steak and eggs. He drank wine, since the place didn’t have Budweiser.

We stopped by Best Buy on our way back so I could check out monitors. The 27 and 32″ curved monitors are very nice. I can’t even imagine how big the 49″ ones are. I’ll probably get two 27s to replace my 22s and one 32 inch to replace the three 19s I have upstairs. I think. I’m tempted to order one right now, and part of me wants to run back over to the BB on our side and grab one. I was actually haggling with the guys over a 32″, but I noticed that it had a scratch on the screen, so we left.

So the neighbors are going to watch the kids, and I’m taking Missus out on a hot date.

Did I mention it was payday yesterday?