Germination day

Of course I waited until the end of the day so this post will probably be rushed. The truth is that I was very productive today. I did stay up till one last night, but I managed to wake up at a decent hour and started getting stuff done. I meditated, drank my tea, then started doing research on which of my strains I was going to start first.

I had my Power Couple meeting with Missus this morning and we decided on our course of action for the day. I wanted to get outside and clean up the back yard, which Younger and I did, and then we even did the garage, breaking down boxes and cleaning it out for the first time in months. I was really impressed with myself.

I ordered groceries, did some budget stuff, and by that point in the afternoon everyone wanted to lose themselves in their screens, so I did just that.

I wound up doing some more research on the seeds that I have, and decided to go with a couple of autos, Northern Lights and Alaskan Purple. Both should be easy to grow and have a relatively quick yield. It won’t be as much as the photos that I got, but we want a quick turnaround for this first batch, and we shouldn’t be able to kill them.

Today we were off for MLK day, of course. I went out to the grocery store with Younger for some emergency shopping, and we came home and had a quiet night. Back to work tomorrow.