I am very tired today. I stayed up last night playing Tarkov with a bunch of kids and had to head out early this morning to meet at CryptoChris’s office. I grabbed some Caribbean food and we ate during a SAIAdao meeting. Then we talked about building a fleet supply dapp for Star Atlas, and met with another group of possible contributors. It was interesting. Chris and I were doing a lot of debating and discussing and explaining, trying to figure out what direction to take with everything. It was a fantastic mental exercise.

I got back and was still so wired I made another call to someone in the community to discuss it as well. But by that time the tiredness had caught up with me and I tried to lay down for a nap, but I was too wired so I did a meditation as well. It was very productive.

I should make more of a note of that. I tried a new technique, saying body is still, mind is still as a mantra over and over. I seemed to go very deep into myself, losing the sense of where my body was, only seeing the images behind my closed eyes, feeling my diaphragm move, and at one point even my heartbeat. I was very still. I still had a few moments of mind wandering, and I did seem to lose focus near the end, but it was a very good session.

I have to say what a fantastic partner Missus has been this past week. She’s been on vacation and has cooked almost every night. I mean today I went out from ten AM till three PM and came home, she was cooking ribs. I am going to miss these days next week, that is for sure. Hopefully this can serve as a little test run for her possible retirement in August, when she hits fifteen year at her job.

We had the Andros over for movie night. All five of them came over with popcorn and we watched Sing 2. D. left to go watch the Dallas game, but I watched with the moms and the kids. It was pretty good. It made me cry at one point, a plot point regarding an old rock star whose wife passed away. I’m a softie.

I put Younger to bed, tried to anyways, and sat down to go over some Anchor programming. I managed to get my environment squared away and initialized a new project, but at this point I have no idea how to proceed.

So I’m going to bed. I’ll have my regular Sunday routine to go through, and hopefully will develop some more in the morning, after my head has had time to process today’s events.

I am dog tired.