Snow day!

The price of crypto continues to plummet with the temperatures here. I woke up to a good three inches of snow on the ground, and the kids rustling to get ready to go outside. I pulled myself out of bed to make sure they were properly attired, and sent them out. I made the mistake of trying to meditate. I was interrupted several times, and lost my temper at the kids for not following my instructions to keep the doors closed and not come in covered in snow.

I just shoveled the drive and sidewalk, gave my shovel to D., who did not have one.

I’m scared to sit down at the upstairs computer. Not really, though. I’m assuming that the cash I put in is lost. A tax write off. It’s not though, the BTC should be safe; I still don’t think we’ll see sub-thirty BTC. I was obviously too aggressive with my ETH longs, and am pretty sure the overnight wick down took me out, at least partially.

I’m in the mood for some more Entity-Component-System work. I was reading on my iPad last night and looking at Rust-based gaming frameworks. I think it would be interesting if the Star Atlas team could come up with a component framework for Solana. It’s going to be interesting to see if we can come up with something that interact with the FLEET program. I might even try mocking up some of the mining and crafting systems as an exercise.