Morning notes

After hitting publish on last night’s post, as I lay in bed reading, I realized I forgot to mention the fact that I got a haircut yesterday. Now this might normally be a big deal, except for the fact that I have not been to a barber since the first COVID lockdowns almost two years ago. I’m not quite sure how I managed that. Missus cut my hair one time, but the last time I cut my hair I had done it myself, using the trimmers and a handheld mirror to see the back of my head in the bathroom mirror.

I finally got fed up with waking up with unkempt bed-head, and finally broke down and texted my barber yesterday morning for an appointment. My guy, a Vietnamese immigrant, told me that he thought I had moved, so I apologized as he set to work. The shop had been decorated since I was last there, with a number of exotic plants by the front window, and the singular grandfather clock that had been there when I last visited had been joined by another, as well as at least three smaller mechanical, pendulum clocks on the wall. One of them was broken.

I had forgotten how relaxing getting a haircut is. The vibration of the trimmer motors running over my scalp is so soothing, and puts me into an ASMR-like trance. I swear I could fall asleep to it.

So last night I did turn out the lights at eleven, but I must have had some trouble falling asleep, coupled with the fact that Younger came into the bed at some point during the night, running Missus off at some point. I woke with the alarm, or some time after, actually, at seven, when I should have been dropping Younger off at school. We got dressed and out of the house without any fussing or arguing.

Trash pickup, or rather, the recyclable pickup, had been delayed, probably due to our snow day earlier this week, and at some point our cans had been knocked over. Trash was scattered over the yard and street. I noticed that none of the trash appeared to be ours, empty bottles of juice that we don’t drink and tubs of coffee that we don’t drink. I’m not sure if it’s the wind that did it or some hooligans.

It’s cold out, the temperature a few degrees above freezing. Missus had turned the heat down yesterday, so it’s a bit chilly in here.

My meditation was distracted. It was a pleasant sit but my mind kept getting drawn to work and things other than my breath.

I want to workout, but I’m not quite motivated. I have some catch up to do with work that I need to get to. It’s going to be a busy day. This evening there’s a parent meeting for Girl Scout cookie sales, and then a regular troop meeting. Tomorrow I’m going out to ChrisCrypto’s house for a SAIAdao meeting and to work on the design for our Star Atlas fleet refueling project.

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