Scheduled out

My daily schedule is blown to shit.

Younger came into the bed in the early AM, stuffy nose, couldn’t breathe. I helped her by giving her a box of tissues, but I knew falling back asleep was going to be futile, so I took my pillow and a blanket downstairs to sleep on the couch. I dreamt, and Missus woke me at eight, an hour late.

Younger threw a big fit over missing school breakfast and stomped her feet I’m not going to school if I can’t have breakfast! So I took Elder in and came back to find Missus and Younger taking a hot bath. Apparently she’s having a sick day.

My calves are sore today. Apparently six miles is enough to make them ache. I’ve been running as a way to ignore the fact that I’ve been skipping my regular weight training push and pull days, but I don’t think that’s wise.

I’ve got a deadline today that I need to attend to, getting these damn OpenSea poster migrations. I still don’t have an automated solution; hopefully I won’t make any more mistakes.

My boy ChrisCrypto is really handling SAIAdao right now. He’s trying to get me a founder’s bonus for all my hard work. Twenty percent of dao returns. That’s about eighty grand. I’m taking a backseat from here.

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