Sounds like a plan

Well I feel like I have the day off to a good start. Everyone was on time this morning, Younger got dropped off several minutes before cutoff, but I’d like to drop her off a bit earlier next time. Elder and Missus got out without much trouble, although Elder had a bit of problem following directions. I meditated, and even got a short twenty minute workout in.

My seeds dropped into the water when I touched them, so broke open my sprouting kit. I wound up putting the heated mat on top of the cardboard box under my desk. I moved the seeds to paper towels, trying hard not to mix up the two strains. Last night I installed a grower assist app on my phone, so I’ve got reminders set up to spritz them with water tonight before I go to bed.

I think I have my priorities for today. SAIAdao needs a bit of attention, then I need to work on OpenSea migrations. I got a notification from someone that I messed up their transfer… so I have to deal with more of that. Then we have a dao meeting late in the afternoon, grocery pickup and dinner.

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