Ice Skating

Had a pretty good night and a pretty good day today.

Last night we hosted the T.’s over for game night. We got the house cleaned up and I went crazy at the grocery store. Apparently they make their kids stay at the dinner table until they eat their dinner, and two of them fell asleep at the table, so S. came over with her eldest and we all played Uno and Munchkin. Then I stayed up till gawd knows what hour playing games with the LANarchists. Bought a new four-player co-op game called The Ascent.

Younger had told me that she wanted to go ice skating, so I made that happen today. We booked a group lesson, and so the four of us went along with the T.’s as well. It was fun. Thankfully I was able to get some lace-up boots, as the other ones are physically painful for me to wear. The girls had fun. Elder seemed to get the hang of it, Younger needed to hold on to me most of the time. Then we came home and vegged out. The girls are all ready for bed, and I’m going to pass out shortly thereafter.

It was a good day for the most part, although the kids were a bit mouthy. I think everyone needs sleep. I know I do.

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