I was in a foul mood when I woke up this morning. I really did a number on myself this weekend. Saturday the neighbor kids were over, I wound up playing City of Iron with Elder and the older T. kid. Didn’t finish the game because I made an early mistake that changed the direction of the game so much that we called it a day. Missus and I spent some time together, then I stayed up till the wee hours binge watching Ozark. I slept on the couch so as not to disturb anyone.

Sunday was a do-nothing day. We still had several inches of snow on the ground, but I left my snow boots over at my FIL’s house, and had already gotten my fill with the girls on Saturday. I watched a couple more episodes of Ozark before lunch. I was really tired by mid-afternoon. About all I did was watch Bluey with younger, horseplay a bit. Missus made dinner, I watched Eternals before putting them to bed.

I was exhausted. I watched a video on my iPad then passed out. I’d say I slept like a dead man, but I woke up several times. Elder had another accident, which woke me up, and Younger was in the bed, but we didn’t fight too much, thankfully. I guess she was attached to Missus.

I got them both to school, but I wasn’t very patient while I was getting them ready. The whole house is a wreck, snow gear and socks — my god, the socks — everywhere. On the way out from Younger’s school we passed a homeless person pushing a shopping cart full of their belongings down the main boulevard. The cart was full, the guy had a backpack on and another bag in their hand that they were hold while trying to clear some obstacle from under one of the wheels. It was twenty-eight degrees out. “There but for the grace of God”…

BTC and ETH took another elevator down today. That’s another reason why I was foul. I haven’t looked at my Perp positions two weeks in a row. I needed to meditate, then I took a look. The ETH positions are mostly gone, about $30k liquidated. My BTC ones are mostly underwater, but we’d have to go sub-thirties to liquidate them.

I thought I was so clever, but I got too aggressive, too greedy, and Mr. Market has punished me for it.

I’m not so foul a mood now. Meditation helped, and turning toward the problem instead of away helped as well. Or it might be the coffee.

I’ve got my priorities for this morning, so it’s time to get to work.

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