Evening notes

Today has been an interesting day. I managed to stick to a pretty good schedule, despite Missus being holed up in the bedroom with a case of the post-booster blues. I actually sat down with the girls this morning and wrote up a schedule of what I expected from them.

Let me back up a bit. I started writing up a new video game engine framework. I’m calling it A.L.A.N – autonoma linking atomic nodes. I actually spent a lot of time yesterday working on it, and when I went to bed I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I even woke up at five this morning running it over in my head.

It’s not much more than a cribbed framework run through an ECS framework, but I hope it might serve as a good basis point for this metaverse that we’re building.

I’m filling into the leadership role. Really filling into it. I got a lot done today.

I think I found a contractor yesterday, I might actually get some work done on this house.

I may have killed my plants. Thought for sure that I read seedlings needed 24h light but I guess I messed that up. Have turned off the lights. One of them may still survive. Started the next set of seeds.

Playing lots of games. It’s research.

I did work out this morning but it was not very productive. For me at least. I did two exercises, shoulder press and step ups. I had to show Younger how to do a deadlift. Tonight though I seem to be on the bender path. 2100 hours, gonna watch Ozark.

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