I. Am. Tired.

Missus was feeling better today so she took over ‘parenting’, which basically meant letting the girls watch TV all day. I had several meetings and tried to do some coding. Turns out trying to design an ECS is hard.

It’s supposed to snow again tonight. I was considering going up to the FIL’s house so the girls can take ski lessons, but Missus isn’t terribly interested. Elder doesn’t want to ski at all, apparently she’s got some sort of PTSD from the last time I took her.

The kids found a stray cat outside, very young. They were worried about it being outside during the snow, but I said let it be. They took it to D.’s house instead. He came by for a bit.

The house is a wreck. No one wanted to clean today, so the kitchen is a huge mess. I could care less right now.

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