Thanksgiving break

The kids are off from school this entire week. The school system decided to give the teachers the extra three days off because everyone was feeling burned out. Also, Missus has been called to work from the office every day this week as well, so I’ll be here with the kids all week. The school offered take home breakfast and lunches, so we went ahead and did that. It should make my life easier, but Elder already threw a tantrum this morning over the fact that her Pop-Tart got broken during handling.

I’m going to work out this morning, I’m well overdue. Then I want to get right to work on getting SAIAdao’s governance-ui setup on devnet. Then I may see about working on a contribution for the project.

I’m not going to be very ambitious about my plans for this week. Having the kids home means I might be able to get about two hours of work done a day, maybe four, but usually not the kind of deep work that I would like. It depends on how many interruptions I get.

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