Well, I guess I can finally say it. I am coming out of reFIREment to go to work for StarAtlas.

I won’t officially start until the 16th, and I’ve got lots of paperwork to do between now and then, but I will be joining the blockchain team to develop on-chain components of the game, governance, and guild systems. I’ve been in discussion with Jacob Floyd, AKA bravetarget, for over a month now, and have been working out the details with him and HR over the last few weeks.

It’s an offer I can’t refuse.

My work on the SAIAdao and the DEX got me noticed by Santiaac, the community lead, and he put me in touch with bravetarget to discuss bring scholarship functionality to the game. We hit it off and he made an offer.

It’s a no brainer, really, so much of my time and effort has been working on the dao, and the fact of the matter is that it will only be successful if Star Atlas succeeds, and I can have the biggest impact on that by working directly with the team. I can’t wait.

There were some questions raised about conflict of interest, being both a developer and a member of the dao, and by extension, the largest player guild, IA in the metaverse. Autonoma S.A. (Star Atlas’s parent company) didn’t have any policies in place about this, and while they were writing one I was concerned that I would have to step down as TBD of SAIAdao, but that’s since changed.

Regardless, my focus with Star Atlas is the same as I’ve had with SAIAdao, namely, working toward decentralizing management of the dao and assets via Solana-native tools, whether than be spl-governance, multisigs, or some sort of lending protocol. If I’ve done my job correctly then SAIAdao will be completely decentralized in three months.

It’s an exciting opportunity for me and the family. Frankly, it’s going to change our lives tremendously. I won’t talk more about that until the paperwork is complete — another reason why I’m not going to post anything on Twitter just yet.

So I’ve got several things to do this morning, corresponding with HR and bravetarget about a couple of initiatives, and do some devnet tokendrops for SAIAdao testing, not to mention buy groceries.

Time to get to it.