Is break over yet?

I swear I need to procure a ton of coal in the next couple days. Day two of winter break and I’m ready to send their presents back. It’s been a couple of rough mornings.

Elder’s taken three days to do her laundry and I just got in a screaming match with her because she “wants help” with her laundry, but all she’s been doing is sitting in her room, probably sneaking some videos on her tablet. She doesn’t want help, she wants me to do it for her, and I probably would have if she had made more of an effort to do it.

Still, I can’t be yelling at her like I do. It’s bad parenting, and I’m so frustrated. I’m trying to discipline her but I’m worried I’m setting a bad example. Missus is at her wit’s end as well. It’s like as soon as we wake up — or ar woken up — the two of them start going at it. It’s like when we were all doing work/school from home and I could barely get anything done with all the bickering and arguing.

I did manage to drag my lazy butt to do a workout. It wasn’t anything worth talking about, but I felt like I had too since I’m so far behind in my workouts. Here it is, almost ten in the morning, and still working through my routine.

I spent most of yesterday working on my SCORE CLI program. I did some refactoring and cleaned it up a bit, and spent several hours trying to figure out the deposit calculations. Naming conventions have a lot to be desired. The Rust code and TS factory module seem to be pretty consistent, but when you start looking at the portal and CLI code it starts getting a bit harder to grep. Some of the vars are in seconds, and others are in milliseconds, so wrapping my head around what’s going on proved challenging. I’m hoping I’m rested enough to take it on again today, I need to get it knocked out so I can move on with other tasks.

I don’t know what to do with these kids. Younger is playing Uno by herself, and Elder is locked up in her room. I’ve got an hour till lunch, let’s see if we can’t turn the day around.