Late bloomer

It’s Sunday, which is normally the day that I rotate my Perp positions, but it was also time for me to do the house accounts and update my net worth. It’s when I review all of my various bank accounts, crypto wallets, and positions across the board.

I usually do monthly reconciliations on the joint account I share with Missus for rent, insurance and so on, but I was a week late. I’d done my credit card payments and necessary transfers to make sure that was taken care of last week.

I also have a number of accounts for my daughters. I’d been doing LendingClub, but I’ve been winding it down and sending the cash to BlockFi. It’s a bit cumbersome. I’ve got to login to each set of accounts, make the various transfers and update the numbers in my spreadsheet. Let me just say that these girls are going to be set. I’ve really been spoiling them, giving them a pretty big allowance as well as saving this money up for them. I’m not sure when exactly I started with Elder, but basically I’m buying $50 of BTC for them every week. By the time they’re thirteen…

The final numbers were down significantly since the last time I checked. BTC was near ATHs, so I was pretty happy with it. So things are down about a third. Not to mention the money I lost in the CREAM hack. Zapper.Fi has finally removed that from my balance sheet. (Note for the CPA.)

I did decide on a New Years resolution. I want to increase my BTC holdings by 150%. I’m going to be very aggressive.

I did a bit of programming this weekend, messing around with the serum-arb program. I’ve really got to rethink the project. I started out with serum-vial, then added serum-ts to it, but dealing with the wallet provider without anchor is just too much, so I stopped to get that setup. That meant dealing with rust errors.

One interesting note is that my friend T. is now learning Javascript. It’s never too late, I suppose.