I’m beat

Here I am at six-thirty in the evening, still doing my morning routine. That should tell you about how my day’s been going. I stayed up last night talking to my old friend on Discord, trying to get them hooked up on Solana so they can play Star Atlas. We didn’t quite make it, so I just wound up watching them play Cyberpunk instead.

My dad came over today. As did my friend C, who sold me an old Oculus Go unit that I’m giving to Missus for Christmas. My dad phrased it perfectly when he said I wanted her to be the bad guy. I’m giving it to her because the kids will like it, and I don’t want them fighting over who gets to use it.

I paid the neighbor kid and his friends to finish raking and bagging my yard, but they were so slow and didn’t know what they were doing, so I wound up out there doing most of it while they opened bags and hauled them to the curve.

Missus made a yummy chicken pasta dish for lunch, but I didn’t get a chance to finish my plate. We had some leftover chicken for dinner with asparagus and cauliflower. I made two trips to the grocery store. The first was to get some ribeye for some homemade Philly cheese steak. The butcher said ain’t nobody ask him for some prime rib for cheese steaks, not in thirty-four years of work. He gave me a really good deal. Four pounds of prime rib for thirty dollars. When I got home, Missus asked me where the sour cream was at. The store didn’t have it, so I had bought heavy cream and a lime to make our own, but it has to set overnight. So I went back to the store, this time the other, fancier store. I bought a turducken breast for Christmas day, and picked up some ready-made steak meat. I’ll serve the prime rib Christmas eve, and leftovers when we have guests.

I’m going to finish my routine, and play some more video games tonight.