Morning pages

Yesterday was interesting. I’ve been getting a slew of DMs on Discord lately, I usually keep my DMs open because I want people to be able to reach out to me, but yesterday was just scam after scam after scam. I did get one person who thanked me for my half-assed Solana /Anchor vids that I did two of. I feel obligated to do more of them; I’m way behind on that.

I did some work on the SAIAdao token distribution stuff. Distribution-tools is a Python lib that does the trick, but Metaplex has recently released their Candy Machine, which uses Merkle trees to allow users to claim tokens, instead of putting the onus on the project. Star Atlas is getting ready to drop supply tokens as part of the mini-game launch, and estimates are somewhere around $80,000 worth of Solana will be needed to do that. I’m working on an alternate implementation that might negate that, and I think it would be a big win if I can get that pushed out.

I’m also trying to build a solution for people who have Rebirth assets on OpenSea. They need to be brought over to Solana, but the wormhole only works for ERC20 tokens, not the ERC721s or whatever standard they wound up using. Again, the solution that was floated required users to swap the NFT for a token, then use the wormhole. This would require at least two transactions and might wind up costing more in gas than the actual assets themselves. Additional rewards were mentioned as an incentive, but I have another alternative that might reduce that to a simple signing transaction. I know that it can be done, but not how to do it.

I’ve been doing a bit of online window shopping. I’ve bought pretty much everything for family; I’ve still got to get Missus’s new phone. But now I’m loading up my wish list with a couple thousand dollars worth of stuff for myself. My old work laptop is getting retired. To do that I need a docking station for this Alienware, and I’m probably going to upgrade my monitors, two 22″ Samsungs from 2008. I was looking at curved monitors. The thirty inch models are a downgrade from what I have, but the forty inch ones are bigger than the TV I have. What to do….

I’ve got a lot going on, that is to put it lightly. I’m planning a trip home for the holiday, and we’re talking about at least twenty hours in the car with the kids, so I’m trying to figure out how to break it up.

I’ve got a new CPA that I’m working with, and I need to get stuff to them so they can give me an estimate for tax prep.

So much to do. Time to get to it.