My drunk ass thought I was texting my boy Ed last night and instead sent a series of text messages to my in-laws group chat. I was role-playing Cyberpunk, that’s all I’ll say. Missus woke me up this morning, halfway mortified, half-joking.

I managed to get a working supply-all function working for the SCORE CLI. I have a bunch of other improvements that I want to do for it, but I’m not sure how much I’ll get done today and tomorrow, given that I need to go through the Opensea submissions and prep another airdrop. Maybe I’ll save that for tomorrow.

Yesterday was my MIL’s 70th birthday, so we went over her house for surf and turf. The kids disappeared into the garage to watch TV while the adults ate. And drank. I think I must have drank most of a bottle of prosecco by myself, then went home and kept the party going.

I hopped on the Kartov Discord and wound up getting in a sherpa match with someone for a scav match. We wound up getting sniped pretty quickly, at that point I was too wasted to play, so I kicked off and played some Cyberpunk for a bit. I was running across the map like I would do in Kartov, and stumbled across some random NPC that killed me really quick, and I kept respawning, trying to take them down, but I couldn’t do it after like ten tries, which is when I sent the text message.

I wrapped presents yesterday. I realized I got four gifts for Elder, but didn’t get anything for Younger. Oops. I talked to Missus about it and hopefully it’ll all work out. We’ll see. Two more days till Christmas Eve.