Not the smartest

The week is going well. The cold has settled in, meaning I’ve added scraping the car windshield of frost to my morning schedule. Younger’s school bus has been running late — the school system has been struggling to keep drivers — and it makes no sense to stand outside in thirty degree weather when it’s less than a mile from the school. Missus is work from home today.

We decided, given my new position, that we could hire back the housekeepers that we let go following the start of the pandemic. Today is their first day back, and Missus has spent the last week decluttering the house and cleaning things up. We almost don’t need to them to clean, it’s just the threat of them coming which is enough to trigger Missus’s OCD and get the job done.

I kid, they’ll do the sweeping and mopping and scrubbing in all the corners that we’ve missed.

So far I’ve managed a modicum of self control and haven’t gone crazy with the spending. I did finally buy a Discord Nitro subscription after I was trying to send a PDF to someone and it was too large, but that’s the only thing I’ve done. I’ve got too much business to handle, I can’t afford to be distracted by a bunch of BS purchases.

Christmas gifts are piling up around the house. I have yet to wrap anything, so I’ve been stacking Amazon packages in my closet and under my desk.

I’ve got a small arbitrage bot running that is tracking Star Atlas markets. It’s turning up very small opportunities, a few cents here and there. There was one for seventy cents yesterday. It’s too much trouble for me to have to buy, settle, sell, settle and then make the ATLAS/USDC swap at the end of it all. I may give a crack at writing a Serum script that will do the job, but it’s not like I don’t have other things to do.

The SA dev team gave the go-ahead for the minigame release on the 16th. Early yesterday morning, the team updated the Google bucket with a bunch of ship images, and The Club was watching it and had a video out a few hours later with all of the info. There was a bit of panic internally as some people suspected a leak, but their monitoring was just better than the team’s opsec. All is fair in this game…

I finally started looking at the team’s code, getting the new portal up so I can keep up with the rest of the changes the dev team are doing. There’s a lot to unpack, tons of scripts, and I’m looking through those to compare to what I’ve been doing. It’s nice to be somewhere with people who are smarter than me. It keeps my hubris down and motivates me to learn.

My priorities for today include stacking some sats. BTC was below $50k and I want to load up. I’m trying to maintain a pace that won’t run my reserves dry before my first paycheck, but I’m running a bit hot. I really need to focus on the CPA stuff and get that turned in or else I’m going to be in a world of hurt later on.