Almost there

We are slowly making it through the week as we approach Christmas. Plans are coming together. We have our housekeeper coming by later today, and I’ve got to prep for our party on Christmas. I’ve got four pounds of prime rib that I’ve got to cook, and I’m hoping to do it sous vide. I’ve also got a turducken breast.

I almost double-booked our hotel rooms. I couldn’t find the confirmation email and went to do it again through, but I was warned that I already had a similar reservation. Then I double checked and found the email. So we’re all set.

I played Far Cry co-op with my friend E. last night. It was really fun. I’ve been playing solo so long I forgot how much fun it could be. It’s light fare compared to the hardcore horror of Tarkov. Maybe today I can get a round in with my brother. The timing may be a problem, with Missus on WFH today.

Work continues on the SCORE CLI. I was able to refine it so that it can report when the next fleet will run dry. I want to make it a node process that will resupply, determine the next to go empty, then sleep and repeat. I also have it so that it can report the total amount of resources that will be needed at next run. I want to extend that to a total burn for the week, and do spl-token checks to see what is actually in inventory. I was running into problems with the spl-token libs though, that’s where I’ll be picking up.