…The heart is

Oh my god what a difference a good night’s sleep in my own bed makes. I woke up around nine after the cat came to nudge me awake, and got my first meditation session since before the trip. It was a decent one, I wasn’t too distracted, but I need to figure out a way to make sure I keep my practice up on these road trips. I know I could have made time if I really wanted, but travelling throws off diet and other good habits.

We found out yesterday that Mrs. S, our neighbor, tested positive for COVID. She’s the mom in our quaranteam family. The girls, and I, have been over there extensively during the Christmas break. The news set off an anxiety storm in Missus, who seems certain that we brought COVID to my family and infected everyone back home.

The girls woke up feeling better — it seems sleeping in their own beds helped them out as well. We brought them to a local COVID testing and vax event this morning, but they were all out of rapid tests. We got them their second dose anyways.

I’ve got to go talk to Mrs. S’s husband about what they’re doing. Their conservatives and vaccine hesitant, so I don’t think they’ll do anything other than isolate themselves. I’m not sure how that’s going to work though with everything that usually goes on around their house. Ugh.

I got my second paycheck today and seem to have the FTX situation resolved, so I need to do my budget and figure out where everything needs to go.