Week till Xmas

I’m going to try and write fast because my laptop battery is almost dead and I have ten minutes before my dinner is ready.

Spent most of the day playing Far Cry 5.. or six, whichever is in Montana with the cult. It’s pretty good, arcadey first person shooter. Not at all like Escape From Kartov, which is so punishing I can barely bring myself to play it.

The girls went to church this morning, Missus slept in till noon so I had plenty of time to myself. Especially since Elder woke us all up at six in the morning when she had an accident and took a shower. I got a lot done.

My daily routine now includes running my FTX script, which buys BTC, ETH, and SOL, then running my Serum market orders, ATLAS, POLIS, Invictus, then staking that. I’m up to over two grand in IN, and it’s minting about forty-five dollars a day. My Perps are doing great. When the market dumps the rates go negative, and I was up eighteen hundred, split mostly even between BTC and ETH. I’m being a bit more conservative right now, keeping my BTC liquidations around 22k, and ETH around 3k. Even with the pullback, I’m still up. I’m thinking about what I’m going to do if I get back to my entry price. Even if I close at zero PNL, I’ll still be up ten or twenty grand overall due to the funding rate. Still, I’m going to be a fool if I have to do that, considering that I was up over $100k a few weeks ago.

The girls are officially on break this week and next, so I’m going to be home with them while Missus goes into the office. I’ve got some work to do, I need to automate the Serum markets, not only for my DCA buys, but for managing my Star Atlas fleets. I’ve got a plan to automate the entire fleet management. It should be a fun project.

I also booked a hotel home, my first time out in several years.

Today was Elder-Daddy day. I took her to Five Below, bought her some shoes, and did some more shopping. I think I am done for Xmas presents, I just need to wrap a lot of things.