Today is the day that Star Atlas releases the C11, the first of the commander-class ships to be released. SAIAdao has had our eyes on this baby since the GAO launch brochure was released, and it will represent the flagship of our holdings. In anticipation, we have secured $100,000 of ATLAS tokens. Our thoughts here is that inventory will be split between the USDC and ATLAS markets, and the ATLAS market has a bit less traffic, so I assume the price action will be a bit easier to deal with over there.

In addition to this last ATLAS/USDC trade for the dao, I’ve already finished my personal trades for today. I will probably focus on building out my Serum scripts. It might help me snag this ship, and I’ll also need it for my arb bot.

So a couple guys on the team are playing Escape from Tarkov, a combat simulator MMO game. I bought a copy last night, and am going to buy one for my brother for Christmas. It’s a gorgeous, bleak game, and could almost be described as a horror game. I spent a good chunk of last night reading through the patch notes and wiki entries while I was waiting for it to download. I went to bed before if finished, but couldn’t sleep, so I got up and ran through a bot match (I died) before going back to sleep.

Missus is out, getting the car inspected, she’s got to pick her mom up from a hospital across state — she had heart surgery. Girls are at school, and I’ve got about two hours and change before the C11 drops.