Naughty list

We are off to a rough start for the week. Missus was up and out to work while I was still waking up, the girls were bickering. They were bickering and whining while I was meditating. I sat down with the goal of not looking at the clock, and I finally did to find out that the timer had stopped somehow and I had been sitting ten minutes longer than I had planned. Oops.

I’m not letting the girls watch TV because they have chores they’ve been putting off, and the bickering is bothering me. I told them we were having a kindness contest. It’s the week leading up to Christmas and I’m about to take back their presents because they don’t deserve them. They’ve been talking back, fighting, and showing nothing but ill regard for other people.

I literally just screamed at Elder. I asked her to do something or told her to do something and she started talking “well actually” and I told her to GO TO HER ROOM. Ugh, I am such a bad example of kindness myself.

Has any parent actually given their kids coal for Christmas? I swear to gawd these kids don’t deserve Netflix and Disney+, Amazon Prime, tablets and computers and Oculus sets. And all the fucking candy. My goodness they came back with five pounds of chocolate yesterday. What a mess.

So somehow I’m supposed to survive the week with these kids, host my in-laws on Christmas Day, then drive ten hours to see family back home? What a disaster. And I need to get my grandmother a gift or something, a bouquet or gift basket or something.

I’m not feeling it today.