Yesterday was pretty good. It was sprint retrospective at Star Atlas, and the dev team got to present the mini-game to Mike Wagner, and then he was able to confirm the minigame date to the general public. ATLAS is up over ten points today.

I wrote a small script this morning to make my FTX purchases easier. I was testing in prod and made a couple mistakes, but it’s working now, I just need to run it once a day to stack BTC, ETH and SOL.

Things are going to be a bit more difficult on-chain. I worked on getting Serum to work via a script, but had some issues trying to import my secret keys into the script. Anchor makes it a bit easier to import the json file directly, so I think I’m going to refactor it later. My arbitrage bot is picking up some good deals and I think there’s some money to be made there if I can automate it.

My friend T. came over today to help me cut down the tree in the front yard. He used to work for a tree cutting service, and we got things knocked down and cleaned up rather quickly. I was pleasantly surprised that we got it taken care of so quickly. We had a big lunch and got to hang out a bit.

I took the girls out to get haircuts earlier this evening. Elder is throwing a fit because the stylist — following my instructions — cut off too much of her hair. She’s calmed down now, but I’m pretty sure she stayed up too late in her room watching YT on her school tablet.

I’m pretty tired myself, although I’m not quite sure why. I went to bed at a decent hour and got a pretty decent sleep. Maybe it’s yesterday’s workout coupled with today’s activity. I don’t know.

Going to watch a show with the kids, put them to bed early, then play some video games. I’ve been rather obsessed with X4 lately, but I might put it away tonight and play DSP or Cyperpunk.