Running late

There’s a lot to do today.

I airdropped SAIA tokens to dao members on devnet. I have some testing to do to make sure we can use a realm governance as a multisig.

I worked on a project plan for work yesterday, a task list on how we’re going to bridge Ethereum based Rebirth assets over to player’s Solana wallets. I’m just waiting on approval to proceed with the plan. Some of the stuff for the community managers I can start working on now, I want it to be smooth like butter.

I watched a new episode of Mythic Quest yesterday, which I’ll refer to as the Dead Quiet Death episode. It’s one of the most absolute perfect episodes of television that I’ve ever watched. It was so good that I watched it again last night with Missus. Then we worked backward to the Girls Can Code episode.

I’ve been playing OGame again, this time with some co-workers. I think it’s a pretty good inspiration for what the Star Atlas mini-game will be like. I’ve been playing X4 for the same reason. It’s a pretty decent benchmark for where we are headed. It’s a decent universe simulator, although it’s buggy as hell and it’s lacking some gameplay features that a proper MMO will need.

We’re all running behind here at the house. I was a bad influence on Missus last night, so she’s calling out. I already brought Elder in, but Younger slept in as well and she’s already two hours late for school. Looks like I’m going to be stuck bringing her in, I doubt Missus is moving her butt yet.