New Hire

Well, I pulled some strings and yesterday was my first day at Star Atlas. I was told that I would be starting on the 16th because of payroll, but since yesterday was the first of the month I got bossmang to rush it and I am in like Flynn.

Oh, the things I’ve seen already. Ship renders, craft tables, Figma mockups, I haven’t even looked at the code yet. Oh my god. I’m still feeling my way around, getting access to different things, and trying to put my personal affairs in order. Younger is going to after-school care, and I moved the last tranche of reFIREment funds into FTX yesterday. A quarter is going to the house account, another quarter to BlockFi, and the other half is going to Solana. I’m thinking I’ll start DCA’ing SOL, maybe some Invictus, not sure what else. I am probably going to buy a large ship as well, start accumulating ATLAS/POLIS.

If you’d seen what I’ve seen…

The mood between Missus and I has been pretty playful lately. We’ve been joking about being a “kept woman” now, like when is she going to be able to quit her job and spend her time making me coffee and doing other wifely duties. It’s been a good couple of days, except for the kids.

Elder has been a bundle of raw nerves lately. I got a note from her teacher about her behavior. We confronted her about it yesterday after dinner and she started crying. Then she cried again when trying to do her math homework. She obviously stayed up past her bedtime watching YouTube on her tablet after she told me she was going to bed. Sneaky kid. Missus managed to put her down and she seemed in a much better mood this morning. Knock on wood.

I feel a shopping spree coming on. I’ve already bought Elder’s presents but I’m about to buy gifts for the rest of the fam. I think I’m getting Missus a new phone, she’s way overdue. I’m in the mood to clear out everyone’s wish lists this year. I’m being silly, but I am probably going to be upgrading a lot of stuff for myself come New Years. My current dev laptop situation needs to change, it keeps locking up on me, but I’m hesitant to reformat it. And my Alienware laptop doesn’t connect to the docking station or my dual monitors, and I can’t downgrade that. So there’s that, plus the gaming machine upstairs that could use a GPU and RAM upgrade. And I want to get some fitness stuff.

I want to get a Whoop fitness tracker, and I need heavier weights, so I was thinking about those fancy adjustable barbells. If I do that I’ll probably convert the garage to a gym. No more of this working out in the living room.

And the house repairs: the garage doors, the crawlspace, the windows, all the little stuff that needs patching and repairing. There’s a lot to do.

I can’t wait.