The next most important thing

Yesterday flowed pretty well. I got my morning routine done and got to work. The Club struck again, unleashing another leak of the wave five ship drops. They were watching the pubkey that the team uses for minting the ships, and must have got some sort of alert when the new wave was created. The NFT metadata contains the ship components as well as the drop date and prices, so they used all that information to put out a video with the information.

Now that the information is out there I’m effectively cleared to speak on it. I’m not trying to test my luck or anything and hype things too much outside of official channels, but at least I can do certain things without feeling like I’m taking advantage over other players.

I don’t have my notes in front of me, but we know there will be around 150 of the Pearce C11’s minted. The first batch will be released on USDC and ATLAS markets simultaneously, and will be about $81,000. The second batch will be released one minute later for just under $100,000.

SAIAdao will have one. I started liquidating cash yesterday, pulling our ATLAS LP and initiating a DCA protocol over the next six days. That should give us enough to purchase the C11 and leave us with more to try and scalp some of the smaller ships. We’ll see how things play out on Tuesday.

I’m getting up to speed quickly at work. I’ve got my local environment setup and am helping hunt bugs in the minigame on devnet.

I’m still buying more crypto for myself. I figured out I can buy about fifty bucks a day of BTC, ETH, and SOL, and how much I can spend on ATLAS, POLIS, and IN as well. I think I summed it up properly so that I’ll be able to get paid, and re-up my exchange account to keep it going. I’ll need to write a script to keep it going.

Also yesterday, Santa visited our neighbor’s house. There’s an older couple that lives there, and for the past forty-three years they’ve have a family friend dress up and visit them. So they invited us and some other neighbors over. We exchanged some gifts, and the kids go to sit on Santa’s lap. It was cute.

I guess my most important thing today is to buy some crypto, then check in with work. I have an important task that I want to see if I have approval for. Time to go.