Road trip

We just arrived at the FIL’s house after a three hour drive. This morning was a whirlwind of activity as we prepared for the trip: making sure the girls packed appropriate clothing; assessing the food in the fridge, take what we could and everything else to the garbage; cleaning the house, prepping the cats’ care, figuring out what electronics and charging equipment we were going to take.

Not to mention it’s Sunday and I had all my normal Perp rotations and other daily tasks. I ran into a problem with my Trezor that prevented me from doing my regular rotations, but I kept all four of my Star Atlas accounts synced up and made my regular purchases across the board.

We did the three hour trip with only a short stop when we started to get a few last minute provisions. The girls slept most of the way while I listened to driving music on Radio One.

The girls are trying out their grandpa’s new home gym — there’s a treadmill! — but I managed to get in another four mile run today before we left. I figured I better do it before we left, as I don’t know I’ll be in any shape to do it midweek. We’ve got a lot of time in the car this week, and I know once I meet up with my cousins that there will be a lot of drinking involved.

My FIL’s wife is putting the finishing touches on (another) prime rib, and then we’ll probably watch a movie. The girls will probably be up late since they took such long naps, but I’m really hoping I can go to bed at a decent hour so that we can get on the road as early as possible. I really want to get my morning meditation in before we hit the road.

We have 600 miles from here to go.