It’s been a pretty good Christmas. It’s almost seventy degrees outside, and is pretty hot inside with the oven going all day. Yesterday’s prime rib came out great, and the turducken is a short time away from being done. I’m expecting family to start arriving any second now.

Missus and I stayed up to watch some of the new Matrix movie last night. I’ll say I went into it with pretty bad expectations, but the movie went in a self-referential meta place that intrigued me. We didn’t watch but an hour.

I bought a copy of Far Cry 5 for D last night, he told me he’s really enjoying it, as I knew he would.

The girls opened their presents this morning after a rough night. Both girls peed the bed, Younger in ours, so I wound up changing the bed at two or four in the morning. I didn’t even turn on the lights because I thought it might keep me from getting back to sleep. The kids must have woken us up five times after that. We told them they could have at their stocking stuffers, and Younger kept coming in the room for various reasons. We finally got up around ten and unwrapped presents.

— (later, same day)

So we’re winding down for the night. The visit from the in-laws was good, the prime rib came out great and the turducken as well. The kids spent some time down the street playing, so hopefully they’ll sleep well tonight.

I can’t really believe that we’ll be hitting the road tomorrow. There seems like an overwhelming amount of stuff to do tomorrow, cleaning the house, doing laundry and packing our food and belongings. It’s a lot to do before we get out of the house before three.

I’d say it was the best Christmas ever save for some of the complaining that the kids did. Not quite as much bickering as usual, and I didn’t have the beat anyone’s butts, but my kids are not very gracious.

I however, am.