No post yesterday, breaking a pretty good streak. After travelling twelve hours with the kids yesterday I was just too tired to try and bang out a late-night post in the hotel room. I was just too exhausted.

We actually left the FIL’s house an hour earlier than we had planned. That’s probably the first time that’s ever happened. We gassed up and headed west. I let the girls use their tablets and headphones, and we made it about three hours before we stopped for lunch. It was some understaffed travel center, with a Burger King and Sbarro, neither of which had full menus.

We almost ran out of gas, hitting a twenty-mile stretch of highway with no exits. The GPS was messed up and told us that the nearest fill up was over thirty miles away. I stopped at a rest area with four miles on the tank and figured out that we were as many miles from a gas station.

The girls had been napping for this middle stretch of road, and we’re wide-awake, and annoying, for the last couple hours. It’s like they could sense that we were almost to the hotel and were amping up their energy.

We got checked in and unloaded into the hotel, then hopped across town to see my grandmother. My dad and his sister were there, and we had some of my grandmother’s signature vegetable soup, and caught up while the kids watched TV.

So we finally got the kids asleep around eleven, our time, and it didn’t take me long to pass out. We’ve had our hotel breakfast, and are passing time while we wait for the local Children’s Museum to open up. After that we’ll do some shopping and then head back over to Grandma’s to let the kids meet their second cousins.