Mouth shut

I’m still waking up. Just dropped Younger off at the bus stop and waiting on Elder to get ready so I can take her to Momo’s. Skipping meditation till after I get back otherwise I’ll just be killing time, and I don’t have time to waste today. Missus heads out of town for a flight in a few hours and won’t get back till late tomorrow, so it’s just me and the girls for the next thirty-six hours or so.

Day two at Star Atlas was fantastic. The team is great, I spent most of the day pouring over materials. I feel like — nay, I have been — given clearance to a top secret project that I’ve been speculating over for several months. It’s fantastic. It’s just ridiculous that I’m getting paid to do something this fun.

I went on a crypto shopping spree yesterday. I ran up on some FTX limits, so I didn’t do quite what I wanted to, but I did do the first of what should be a couple purchases.

I did some calculations on how much Invictus I’d need to match my current and former salary. Nine-grand of $IN should provide the same daily income as my last job. That’s $100/day for the next 90 days if I DCA. I’ll probably do that.

The more I learn about the minigame the more I’m strategizing. Smaller ships will require more replenishment, but it should be simple enough to make a script or contract that can automate it. Should be pretty simple for this early v0.1 of it.

I’m just figuring out who everyone is right now and what’s going on. There’s no pressure on me to deliver, but I’ve already picked up a couple task that I feel are important and can’t wait.

It’s going to be real hard not to talk about this stuff all the time…

Elder is almost ready, from the sounds of it. I need to pick up her math lesson before we go. She’s been having issues with multiplication, and still hasn’t internalized the table, nor does it seem that she understands the rules and patterns that are inherent to math. We got in a yelling match last night, so I wanted to spend a few minutes this morning finishing it up with her. Trying to teach a nine-year old the commutative property of multiplication. 12 x 9 = (10 x 9) + (2 x 9)

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