Christmas Eve

It’s hard for me to believe that Christmas is almost upon us. Most of the gifts are under the tree — I still need to help Younger wrap gifts she bought — and the kids are in the living room rehearsing the show that they’re going to put on for the adults later — a musical production of Must Be Santa Claus that they’ve been practicing for several days.

I ran four miles yesterday, a new record for me, both in distance and in the fact that I ran in forty degree weather. It was almost easy, and the push at the end was pretty good, I probably could have squeezed a bit more out as I wasn’t terribly exhausted at the end. I figured the run was the least I could do given the punishment I’m subjecting my liver to these last couple days.

I’ve been playing a lot of video games, living my best life, as Missus would put it. Last night it was Cyberpunk. I’m waiting on my brother to hook up with me so we can play Tarkov later, it’s been a week and we still haven’t linked on that.

I started the prime rib earlier, it’s got about five more hours before I need to finish it in the oven. Should be delicious. Missus is cooking right now. I haven’t eaten yet, and it’s almost one. I had a late night snack so a fast won’t do me harm.

It’s hard to imagine that we’ll be hitting the road in forty-eight hours, heading up to the FIL’s house for a night and then heading onward for another eight hundred miles. I have no idea what we’re going to do when we get there. Maybe I should figure that out.

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